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Synonyms for sower include farmer, agriculturalist, agronomist, agriculturist, crofter, smallholder, grazier, rancher, yeoman and husbandman. Find more similar words ... Niknejad book
Multi-change seed sower is a unique seed drill that has three exchangeable, large capacity magazines for various seed sizes. The two ratios permit precise and economical sowing, with a distance of 3 or 10 cm between seeds. Automatically spaces seeds in perfectly straight rows. Seed Sower 6 adjustable seed size settings (up to pea size)

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sower; sower; Sower, Christopher ... sowing a seed of doubt in your mind; ... sowing her wild oats; sowing his oats; sowing his wild oats; Sowing machine; sowing my ...

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Agricultural requirements are constantly changing and the demand for quality products and services continues to increase. KUHN strives to ensure the availability of the best machines to meet the changing agricultural demands. KUHN is dedicated to serving agriculture with quality products, parts and service.

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The Seed And The Sower, 1963 г.) и «Ночь новолуния» (англ. The Night of the New Moon, 1970 г.) Лоренса ван дер Поста.

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This seed plantation machine has great potential for increasing the productivity of the planting. Till now tractor was the main traction unit for nourishment in farming. With the adaptation of this seed planting machine its purpose will be done.

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Don't bury the seeds any deeper; grass seed needs adequate light to germinate quickly. After raking, pass over the area with a roller, which helps ensure the good seed-to-soil contact your new seed needs. Overseeding is the process of planting grass seed into an existing lawn. This is done to improve your lawn's overall look and health, thicken ...

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Goodell Antique Seeder Seed Sower Spreader W Canvas Bag Hand Cranked Planet Jr No - $169.00 Planet Jr No 4 25 Seeder Works Farm Implement Planter Plow Vintage Garden Rare

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Promise seed sower machine is suitable for cultivated farm. It widely used for sowing seed like cotton, maize, groundnut, castor seed, garlic, onion, soyabean, rajma, peas, black grams, mung, limabeans...

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Synonyms for sowing in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for sowing. 34 synonyms for sow: scatter, plant, seed, lodge, implant, disseminate, broadcast, inseminate, produce ...

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sally the seed sower. the art of a female pursuing a male interest through a mannerism of subtlety "planting the seeds" thereby attaining the affection of the desired male.

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Oct 24, 2020 · The machine consists of a seed box attached to the mainframe of a hand wheel hoe. A fluted roller assembly is provided at the bottom of the seed box. The fluted roller used for sowing rapeseed and mustard has 8 flutes.

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