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Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine 12.7 liter ... OEM Detroit Diesel Coolant Sensor 1/4" NPT P/N 23520380 ~kysor 5022-02187-04 ... DETROIT DIESEL ENGINE HARNESS, DDE ... Appreciate your prompt response to this matter

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2. Disconnect the engine harness connector at the ECM. Leave the jumper wire between A and B of the Temperature Sensor Connector. 3. Measure resistance between sockets P 3 (#133) and Y2 (#452) on the engine harness connector. See Figure 14-7. [a] If the resistance measurement is less than or equal to 5 Q, refer to section 14.3.10.

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USED 60 SERIES DETROIT DIESEL ENGINE Engine Model No: 60 Series Engine Serial No: 06R0572516 Manufacturer: Detroit ... R.E. West Transportation Detroit Diesel Series 60 Engine with 1.5 MILLION Miles using Delo® 400 ...

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The sensor on my Detroit 60 series cost $450. On my 2000 International with a Detroit series 60 engine the water temperature sensor is on the back of the engine, passenger side in the cylinder head.

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Bison Oil came to Kustom Harness with the desire for an engine monitoring station capable of monitoring two (2) Detroit Series 60 Electronic Engines, one was a DDEC II and the other was a DDEC IV. The electronic engine control panel was built for one of Bison Oil’s Well Cementing Trailers.

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1998 Detroit 60 series. Thought I had fuel line issues/ sucking air. The harness for injectors and jakes can fill with oil and cause similar issues but normally it only causes one injector to misfire and continue. The Series 60 12.7 liter DDEC 3 and the 14 liter DDEC 4 are great engines for longevity.

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The TPS is located under the accelerator pedal and generates a pulse-width signal that can read with a Fluke Model 97 or equivalent multimeter and a breakout box. The breakout consists of three 12-in. long No.10 AWG wires that bridge the harness connectors and three 6-in. long No. 12 AWG wires that make up to the meter. 1.

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breakout box 60 pin: ztse4347: pressure sensor breakout harness: ztse4357: fluke 88 digital volt ohmmeter: ztse4401: injector test harness: ztse4435c: international electronic engine terminal test kit: ztse4436: wiring repair kit: ztse4437: engine connector repair kit: ztse4445: 120 pin breakout box, dlc engine (diamond logic control) ztse4483

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GENUINE DETROIT DIESEL Wiring Harness DDE 23532060 Detroit 60 Series 14.0 L - $261.04. FOR SALE! Brand new in an opened box. Surplus from a local County fleet. 142133354643

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New Development with this Engine I used the DDDL and hooked up after I heard the engine missing badly, and found the following codes. 71- injector response short for #1&2 cyl 61- injector response long for #43,4,5&6 cyl I checked the injector harness and found it was good. I checked the ECM ground which also proved good.

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speed sensor a/c press switch (o.c. = fan on) xmsn temp sensor engine fan solenoid (12v = fan off) e1 spare engine circuit coolant temp sensor engine oil temp sensor low coolant sensor e2 spare engine circuit clutch switch alternator excitation t3 see sheet 5 zone f7 see sheet 4, zone k7 to main cab harness see sheet 3 zone c4 see detail "a ...

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